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Phonics – The building blocks of reading skills

There is a saying that ‘Learning to read transforms lives’. Every parent and educator would subscribe to that view. Reading, unlike speech, is a complex cognitive process. Learning to speak is a relatively straight forward process. Children learn to talk by listening to adults and repeating sounds they hear regularly. A child-exposed to an environment […]

Read to your child if you really care!

Being a parent is a full-time job. There is a lot you have to do to bring up a healthy, curious, and active child. But if reading stories is not part of their daily routine, despite everything you do for them, you are depriving their mind of nourishment and affecting their cognitive and socio-emotional development. […]

Early Childhood Education – Is it a blessing or just hype?

It is worthwhile exploring an answer to this question because either way, the stakes are high. If it is beneficial for the development of a child, parents can not afford to forego it, and more parents should enroll their child in early learning programs so as not to deprive them of these benefits. And if […]

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