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    Preschool and Day Care
  • Personalized Learning

    Every child is unique and learns differently. Personalized learning allows every child to achieve his or her full potential and become an independent learner.

  • World-class Pedagogy

    A scientific curriculum provides the building blocks of learning. With stimulating and enriching activities, the ‘Key to Learning’ curriculum fosters all-round growth of children.

  • Best-in-Class Teachers

    A teacher is instrumental in unlocking the full potential of a child. Our teachers have the tools to continuously enhance their learning and sow the seeds for life-long learning.

  • Quality over Quantity

    We are devoted to providing the highest level of child care. Engaging with children in small groups allows us to give individual attention to their growth and development.

  • We believe in the holistic development of a child in a language-rich,
    socially-interactive environment.

    All-round Development

    We prepare children for life-long learning by developing underlying self-regulative and linguistic abilities that support such growth.

    Serve and Return

    Nurturing interactions between the child and the caregiver have a profound influence on their brain development and emotional well-being.

    Early Years Matter

    Our mission is to make early years count and give every child a head start in life.

    Enriching Experiences

    We aim to provide rich, stimulating early experiences to children for their cognitive development and learning.

    Maximizing Potential

    We continuously strive to nurture and develop emerging skills in children and help them achieve their true potential.

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      Years Experience

      An enduring commitment to offering incomparable early education

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      School Days

      Each day filled with playful and enriching learning experiences

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      An eclectic collection of picture books to encourage a love for stories and reading

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      Happy children and happy parents make a happy WunderKinder family

  • Our Programs

    We offer preschool, full-day and after-school programs
  • Our developmentally-appropriate programs fulfill the varied needs of children in different age groups.

  • Each program helps children attain early learning goals appropriate to their stage of development. They not only develop cognitive, socio-emotional, and linguistic abilities in children but also make learning fun!

    • Ladybird
      • 1 to 2½
        Year Olds
        Year Olds
      • 8
        Class Size
        Class size
    • Caterpillar
      • 2½ to 3½
        Year Olds
        Year Olds
      • 10
        Class Size
        Class size
    • Butterfly
      • 3½ to 4½
        Year Olds
        Year Olds
      • 10
        Class Size
        Class size
    • Green Meadows
      Full-Day & After-school Day Care
      • 1 to 9
        Year Olds
        Year Olds
      • 8
        Class Size
        Class size
  • Since unveiling our path-breaking program in 2012, we have nurtured hundreds of children and given them a head start.

    Our goal is to make the most of the early years and create a strong foundation for success in academics and beyond.

    • Emphasis on social and language development
    • A vibrant, screen-free environment for playful learning
    • Play intrinsic to social, emotional and physical development
    • Holistic-learning with special events, projects, and activities
    • Freshly-cooked, nutritious meals to promote healthy eating
    • Library with 6,000+ books to bolster love for stories and reading
    • Child-friendly facility with large open spaces for play
    • Key To Learning

      The research-based developmental curriculum promotes cognitive development and school-readiness.

      Stimulating Learning

      Learning through stories, pretend play, projects, experiments, field trips, and special events.

      Excellence Mindset

      A commitment to bring out the best in each child with patience, perseverance and personal attention.

      Safety and Hygiene

      Utmost care to the cleanliness of physical spaces, safety and personal hygiene of children.

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  • Meet Our School Director

    Ashima Chawla
  • Ashima is the founder and the driving force behind WunderKinder. A person of many facets, she started her career as a software professional and developed a passion for early childhood education during her son’s preschool years. Her journey in early childhood education started as a parent volunteer and eventually led her to start WunderKinder. 

    What drives her unwavering commitment to childhood education is a firm belief that the early years matter most and a strong foundation enables better outcomes in life. She passionately believes in the Vygotskian philosophy and is immensely pleased with the results of the Key to Learning curriculum. 

    Ashima is passionate about story-telling as they have a profound impact on children. Stories are an integral part of learning at WunderKinder and have played a significant role in their development. 

    Over the years, Ashima has been instrumental in making WunderKinder a trustworthy name in early childhood education. 

  • Trusted by Parents

    • We feel fortunate to have a school like this for our daughter. The staff at WunderKinder ensures that we never have to worry about her happiness and safety. The teachers show genuine enthusiasm for their roles, and the impact that they have made on her life thus far is just wonderful. Thank you, Ashima, Ajay and Vijayeta for all the efforts and love you are bestowing on my daughter.

      Neha, Mother of Gauranvi
    • WunderKinder is the best preschool in Gurgaon! The quality of teachers is unparalleled – they are well-spoken and have their way with kids. My son was with them for two years, and I could not be happier. You can see their hard work in his growth! Ashima and Ajay are exceptional and the best at what they do. I highly recommend WunderKinder!

      Prerna, Mother of Abbir
    • I placed my daughter at WunderKinder when she was two years old. And I think it was the best decision for her. Ajay and Ashima at WunderKinder made extra efforts to make her comfortable. It is a happy, healthy, and safe place for my child. I particularly like the exhaustive collection of books and the way they develop reading habits in young kids.

      Saumya, Mother of Mishka
    • WunderKinder indeed is not your round the corner, run-of-mill playschool. Your first interaction with the founders Ajay & Ashima will convince you that you are leaving your child in the hands of seasoned and experienced professionals. Our son Atharv benefited immensely under their care and still cherishes the time he spent at the school fondly. Thanks to Ashima and Ajay for all their efforts!

      Suhavni, Mother of Atharv
    • When it comes to playschools, you want nothing but the best for your child. WunderKinder is everything one can ask for, based on a great philosophy (Vygotskian), warm and welcoming faculty and facilities, and, above everything, very attentive directors present all the time in the playschool. Way to go!

      Anshu, Mother of Paavni
    • We enrolled our son in WunderKinder in the year 2015. I loved the fact that WunderKinder followed a no-screen policy. It was all about personal communication and interaction. He studied there for two years and thoroughly enjoyed every single day, looking forward to going to school. It was like a second home for him. I am truly grateful to both Ashima and Ajay and Raaghav’s teachers at WunderKinder for inculcating sound values and learning in him.

      Radhika, Mother of Raaghav
    • Individualized care and attention, accelerated learning, great teachers, all-round development of the child are some of the things that describe WunderKinder. We would have visited 15 to 20 preschools and daycares. However, there is not one that could match WunderKinder. Great job! Ashima, Ajay, and all teachers!

      Ashish, Father of Rudra
    • WunderKinder is an awesome preschool and daycare. I can say from my personal experience. I was highly satisfied with WunderKinder for both of my kids, and now after moving to Australia, I realized WunderKinder is far way better than the daycares in Australia. Thanks, Ashima and Ajay.

      Sushila, Mother of Akshaj and Advika
    • What I loved about WunderKinder was how clean, naturally well-lit and beautiful the school was. Warm, engaging & enthusiastic is how I would describe the director and staff of the school. Ayesha evolved from being a shy, distracted baby to a fun-loving, attentive, and fast learning child. I give the school a very high grading on the personalized attention given to each child. The school director, Ashima, is personally involved, and one can see a genuine affection for children and their safe upkeep.

      Sona, Mother of Ayesha
  • Our Events

    What makes us special!
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      La Primavera
      La Primavera, the Spring Festival, is a grand stage show by children. They perform with confidence, poise, and composure that [...]
    • 0
      Run, Hop & Jump
      Run, Hop & Jump, the annual sports day, is a celebration of the physical abilities of children. They participate in [...]
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      Field Trips
      Field trips are fundamental to providing developmentally-appropriate learning experiences to children at WunderKinder. They are crucial for children to have [...]
    • 11
      Be Healthy, Be Smart
      As the first school of the child, we play a vital role in developing healthy habits in children related to [...]
    • 3
      The Festival of Stories
      The Festival of Stories recreates the magic of the age-old tradition of story-telling. Stories have the power to capture the [...]
    • 3
      Different Strokes
      Different Strokes is a five-week summer camp for 3 to 9 years old children. It is a mélange of stories, [...]
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